How to write essay aspects of the economic and social system?

How to write essay aspects of the economic and social system?

With the growth of societies, local officials and community members are confronted continually by the desire to balance economic, environmental, fiscal, and social targets. They encounter the challenge to make up their minds on the forms and amount of the cutting edge development that the society might confront in order not to put the community members at risk in the living environment. 

Social structure, in social networks, in particular, impacts the economic outcomes for 3 major reasons. Initially, the flow and quality of data are determined by social networks. Most data is hard to confirm, subtle, and nuanced. Studying social sciences in high school, you should know what the social class is at every education level. Having parental education, you should be aware of, for example, your socio economic status. Knowing socioeconomic status, you will be able to figure out its status affects.

Therefore, players don’t take into consideration impersonal sources. They rather rely on the people they are familiar with. Secondly, social networks are an important source of evaluation conduction. 

It is very important since reward and punishment are significant. They are magnified grounded on the impact if they come from known individuals. Finally, there is trust in the social network concept.Therefore, nowadays, any problems that are tied to economics are playing a big role in shaping cultural notions and society’s structural frameworks. 

Culture and economic structure

According to economic models, the employees are presumed to select work looking for costs and benefits that are leveled. Nevertheless, in any kind of labor market, social networks play a big role. Potential employers and employees tend to learn from each other.

Social interaction is transmitting data on employers, employees, and jobs that flow via social networks constantly. Many people largely maintain such networks for non-economic reasons. 

Usually, people make use of current contacts and social networks that means that normally there is no need to make any kind of financial investment in them.

This eliminates the costs below the prescribed intermediaries. So the pre-existing social networks are being distributed unequally in different directions that will lead to unequal playing ground in labor markets with no engagement of players.

Economy models also feature the personal attributes of productivity that might be modified through learning. Nevertheless, a person’s place in any type of social group might have a significant influence on productivity because of many reasons.

First of all, many assignments might only be completed via serious collaboration from others. Secondly, several assignments are too delicate and difficult to be carried out “by book”. They require“tacit knowledge” exercise that is suitable only via interaction with knowledgeable individuals. 

Since proper interaction with each one is important, it means that the ones that join the company via personal contacts are becoming more productive and leaders. Also, it will be possible to avoid mistakes that might hold-up the outsiders.

People are trading with each other

People are trading with each other. The effect of knowing each other in terms of the cost differs with the shifting of cost to different partners and market circumstance and their association. To understand how these variations may occur, a person must evaluate both sociology and economics of circumstance. 

A modification of the trading partners is more or less difficult under different situations. It relies on economic and noneconomic costs of long-time ties separating along with the available social options. Thus, the structure of economic elasticity is relying on the social construction of trade relations. It is impossible to forecast it without certain knowledge of this social structure.


The economy models might be simplified if economic relations with the non-economic sides of the social life are staying inside the black box. This strategy is conceptualizing from a few of social occurrences that strongly impact the existing techniques and costs of the economic actions. Reducing such occurrences might be risky when forecasting is the main target.

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